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SEIREN sensor Co., Ltd. introduction and domestic, Dongtou County, Shanghai, Huangshan, Guangdong many enterprise co founded, the country has greater influence, the main products are: inductive capacitive proximity switch, infrared photoelectric switch, photoelectric sensor, solid state relay, permanent magnetic sensor, Hall sensors, magnetic, magnetic explosion-proof proximity switch, optical fiber sensor, transmitting board, hundreds of specifi...

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Create China's largest brand of the most excellent sensor manufacturing enterprises!

  • Focus on the electrical equipment industry

    Focus on professional, we focus on the electrical equipment industry, to build the core competitiveness!

  • Innovation

    The introduction of advanced equipment, a strong guarantee for product quality and improve the yield of the benefit of.

  • Good service

    To provide customers with quality and efficient service is our work standards, free to provide the relevant knowledge for the general customer service.

  • Category, select more

    Our company is based on electrical equipment technology, and has a professional R & D and production team.

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